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French legislative election results

The French legislative election has produced a majority for Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche party.  Édouard Philippe, appointed by Macron prior to the election, remained the Prime Minister afterwards, although he reconfigured parts of the cabinet.  The second largest party is now the Les Républicains party, which is headed by François Baroin.

The results for the second round of the legislative vote are as follows (note: totals include electorally allied parties such as MoDem and UDI):

LREM (La République En Marche) – 350 seats and 49.11% of the vote

LR (Les Républicains) – 136 seats and 26.95% of the vote

PS (Parti Socialiste) – 45 seats and 7.49% of the vote

FI (La France Insoumise) – 17 seats and 4.86% of the vote

PCF (Parti Communiste Français) – 10 seats and 1.20% of the vote

FN (Front National) – 8 seats and 8.75% of the vote

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